Here we will list all of our upcomming events as we have them scheduled!

We hope in the future this page will be more interactive and user friendly, for now if you have any questions regarding an event please contact us however is most  convenient for you!

Thrusdays - Modern/Legacy $10 

Fridays - FNM! Friday Night Magic! $15 Draft in current set !

Saturday - Standard! $10

Sunday - Commander! $10

Any questions about rotations or specifics please call!

Dragon's Maze Pre-Release!

Midnight on April 27th

April 27th at 1:00 PM

April 28th at 1:00 PM

Come down and celebrate the drop of Dragon's Maze with us at DML! We will be holding a Sealed tournament as celebration for the new set! Reserve your spot today and pick your guild! Dragon's Maze will have cards for all ten of Ravnica's guilds, so whichever you like be sure to RSVP so you can pick! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Once a guild is gone there will be no more guild packs for them to choose from! RSVP price for the sealed tournament is $25!! Walk ins the day of are $30!!